Monday, July 1, 2013

Reasons to be excited for July

July is pretty great.  Not so much this July, but in general, July is great.

Everything is in red, white, and blue!

Cody has some stuff going on.

I will eventually have some stuff going on but I'm mostly excited to not be going crazy at work right now.

I wish we were going to Oklahoma, but we're going to forgo it this year.  Money and other adult things are keeping us here.  Whee for job responsibilities!  Hey, we can have fun wherever we are.  So we will.

But! It's Mamaw's birthday.  So people should be excited about that.

Mamaw and Evelyn celebrating last year.

And!  Laine will find out if she's having a boy or a girl!

[fetus not pictured but I bet s/he is really big and strong and smart and cute!]

Also!  Sara is graduating from college!

And Laine and Robert are having an anniversary!

Still one of my favorite pictures of them.

And the Great Baby Invasion will begin!

I've joined a crochetalong!  It starts today and I have neither the hook nor the yarn because I thought my gauge would be okay and it wasn't.  Also, it's Tunisian crochet.  I don't really know how that works.  That's pretty exciting! Right?  Sure!

Yeah!  July!

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