Sunday, July 21, 2013

Last week's adventures

My parents had a trip planned last weekend, and since we didn't know our schedules for the week, Evelyn went with them!

I packed a camera and they took a few pictures so I could see what kind of fun Evelyn was having without us.  Lots.


It was lots and lots of fun.  She's becoming a champion traveler, and she was kept well entertained with new books and frequent stops.

She had lunch with her Aunt Laine!  She ate an entire grilled cheese sandwich, 2 baby carrots, and a significant amount of ice cream.

All the other pictures of swimming, pretending to drive cars, and running around with things on her head are on people's phones.  There is this gem that Mom emailed me, though.

I am told she wore the purse, coffee sleeve, and sunglasses for the duration of her dinner.  She's becoming increasingly fancy and also maybe bizarre these days.

Oh, and here's Evelyn's new friend.

That's Charlie!  We kept him from the time he was younger than Evelyn until he was nearly kindergarten age and his family moved to another state.  So when Dad had a chance to be in their area for work, Mom--and then Evelyn!--went with him to see our friends.

I was incredibly excited that Evelyn got to meet our old neighbors.  They liked her, obviously.  And she liked them, obviously.  Mom and Dad enjoyed catching up, and Evelyn enjoyed meeting our friends.  Spending so much time with Charlie probably prepared me quite a bit for Evelyn, especially at this age.  I'm always a little jealous of the fun Evelyn has when she travels with my parents, but I would have loved to gone on this trip.  It's probably been a solid decade since I've seen Mel, Sarah, and Charlie.  I'm happy to hear that they're doing well and are as lovely as I remember them.  I'm happy to know that Charlie is a sweet young man.  I'm happy that Evelyn had a wonderful time with her wonderful grandparents.

And I'm very, very, very happy that she's home.

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