Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Last weekend we had a nice dinner

Cody was working a few weekends ago, and Evelyn and I were bored after nap.  So we went to the grocery store for bananas because she likes all things monkey right now.  Their bananas were terrible, but we got apples and cherries and she helped me push the buggy and then we walked around the parking lot because that's fun when there are puddles and you're wearing rubber boots.

Cody played with Evelyn while I made supper and he and Evelyn shared an apple.  They like to do that sometimes, but I'm not sure how much sharing Evelyn did this time.

I read a recipe in Martha Stewart Living about a salad with cherries and tomatoes and then destroyed with my own ideas.  This was pitted cherries with cherry tomatoes (from the farmers market. Yay!), basil from our little herb box, and some balsamic vinegar.

I had mine with grilled cheese.

Cody had his with a turkey and cheese sandwich.

Evelyn had her own little grilled cheese sandwich--and bites of mine--with cantaloupe, grapes, and sweet potatoes.


I like when we have simple summer meals.

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Laine said...

This made me hungry for a grilled cheese. And that salad looks really good!