Monday, July 15, 2013

"Babies cry"

Evelyn talks to herself a lot.  Actually, she just plain talks a lot.  It's pretty funny.

The other day she was getting all fussy and I told her "Please stop all this llama drama and be patient for your mama" and she exclaimed "That's a good book!"  She really likes Llama, Llama Red Pajama.

She's ridiculously short-tempered about some things--flailing and yelling "oh noooooo!" and screaming and running.

But there are other times when something happens that would have destroyed her a few weeks ago and she'll just chirp "Whoops!  Try again!"  And then she will.  Which is awesome.

She likes to play with her baby doll.  We talk about babies a lot because everyone's having them and we want her to be ready to treat them carefully.  She usually just intones seriously, "Babies cry."  And then we'll tell her that yes, babies do cry sometimes so we hold them or feed them.  She has a bottle that she gives to her baby doll, and sometimes she acts like the baby needs her pacifier.  It's adorable.

Yesterday she said the baby was crying and she was running around in circles chattering to herself about how to handle it when she took off for the front door and shouted something about the baby crying and needing to go to the library.  Then she cried herself when we told her the library was closed.  She loves libraries!  I like that she thought the baby doll would like it.

I've been knitting baby bootees lately because I like them.  I made 3 pairs for Laine.  One set is white, one set is pink, and one set is blue.  We'll find out if this little person is a niece or a nephew in a couple of weeks and I can't wait.  I think she's having a girl.  I just do.  I'd like for all of Evelyn's little pink rompers to get some more use.

I don't do too much spring cleaning, but I do go through a lot of summer purges.  I'm ready to let go of the cloth diapers and burp rags and Boppy and tiny socks.  I don't feel like we need them anymore.  I see everyone around me having babies and I just feel relief that it's not happening to me.  I loved Evelyn's little baby time, but apparently not enough to repeat it.  If someone else shows up to our party, that would be awesome.  But I don't think it's going to happen and that's fine.  Life feels pretty complete.

Cody has a job.  It seems to be going well and I'm cautiously optimistic about things.

Evelyn pretends to read to herself and whispers made-up stories when she flips through books on her own.  A few weeks ago, I buckled her into her car seat and handed her Good Dog, Carl.  She opened it to the first page and said "Look after the baby, Carl.  I'll be back soon."  The original text reads "I'll be back shortly," but I was still impressed.  I usually am.  I really like this big girl.

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