Monday, July 8, 2013

A mostly good morning

I woke up yesterday wanting to take Evelyn to the zoo.

So I did.

She'd been talking about snakes and playing with a little toy snake for the past few days, so I asked her if she wanted to find some snakes and she said "Okay!"

We finished her breakfast (I should have eaten more), put on pretty dresses, and set out to 'look for some snakes.'

She kept her hat on most of the time, but the sunglasses didn't last very long.

She said something about not being able to swim because she didn't have on her swimsuit when we saw the fish.

After circling around it a few times because I'm clueless, we found the reptile house and looked at snakes and lizard-y things.  See her feet in the reflection of this snake?  She wanted to stand on the little box they have for smaller people to see into the cell.

Then she found the playground and played on things while ignoring the giraffe 20 feet away.  I've only taken her to the zoo twice, but I have intense dislike for this playground.  You just sit there, bored and thinking about how much you'd like to go to the bathroom, while your kid refuses to see all the animals you want to see.  Seriously. Someone put this playground between all the boring animals and then the giraffes!  and lions! and bears!

After a while, Evelyn wouldn't stop trying to crawl up a slide (which is not allowed) and then she cried forever when I pulled her off and put her in the stroller.  She also yelled "No zebras ever!" and got in trouble for not talking nicely.  Then she cried while I held her and took pictures of animals.  She also wanted me to take a picture of her.

I tried to tell her these were cows, but she wasn't fooled.  She'd helped her granddad feed some steers earlier in the week.

I really like the zebras.  That little girl doesn't know what she's missing.

I carried her in a sling to see some carnivores, then she wanted to push the stroller, then she wanted to be carried again, so I told her "If I have to carry you, I'm taking you to the car and we're going home."  She said "Okay!"

So we checked out some tigers and penguins on our way out and happily went home.  Then she refused to climb the stairs to our apartment so I left her there and told Cody to do some parenting while I ran to the bathroom.

We were both in better moods after we ate.

And one more picture of Evelyn looking cute:

She was really studying those snakes!  She was really intent on listening to me read their signs and she got excited whenever she watched them move.  Odd kid.  I like her.


Laine said...

Man, that kid and snakes. She's brave...

Anonymous said...

I pray she never sees a snake here at the house!!! No telling what might happen....

Jen said...

Considering that she normally doesn't enjoy animals up close and personal, I think we're fine. However, I have spent the last year and a half praying she never comes across a snake in real life. So far so good!