Friday, June 14, 2013

Weekend plans

In less than an hour, I'll be playing peekaboo with Evelyn and maybe even sitting on the balcony with my feet in her little swimming pool while she splashes around.  I'm kind of living for it.

Tomorrow we'll go to the farmers market and the library.

On Sunday we'll give Cody a card and some donuts.  That night, we'll take my dad out for Mexican food because it's been a while and that sort of thing is fun for us.

I read this post about making crochet donut cards and it made me miss EA.  This would have been the most perfect card for him ever, because he and Mamaw would take us to the donut store on Saturdays.  I love donuts, and celebrating with donuts.  If you know some guys who mean a lot to you, you should probably send them a quick note or phone call.  Folks are precious, and need to be told.

I may make the donut, but with some modifications so that it's play food for Evelyn.  She likes to pretend to eat things, and there's a waffle (for W) puzzle piece that she keeps trying to eat.  She really likes her ABCs.

Last night she helped me water plants.

She and Cody will pick me up.

50 more minutes.

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