Wednesday, June 12, 2013

small things

I had to take down a post about Laine being pregnant because she hadn't told people at her work yet.  But she told them yesterday and now everyone can know.  Which is good, because we want to tell everyone and make lots of plans for this December baby.  I feel like a jerk because I've only made 2 hats so far, but I've already bought yarn and patterns in preparation.  I'm just a little bummed because I'm going to want to write about them, but I also want them to be a surprise.  These aren't real problems.

Mom bought this yarn for Laine and I'm going to make something with it.  What, I don't know yet.  But there's about 150  yards ready for something colorful and nubby and baby-appropriate.

Cody made a cake for Spencer to give to Regan for her birthday this weekend (happy birthday!) and it took over our fridge.  But she liked it and some of their friends were dumbfounded with joy.  It was chocolate with strawberry icing.

We're going to meet some friends' babies tonight, which is always nice.  Evelyn's still my favorite baby, even though she's a big girl.  I woke her up this morning and she was quiet and sleepy, and it took her a while to wake up.  "Stretch" she kept growling.  Her arms and legs are too long for her to fully reach out on top of her changing table.  Her pacifier falls out when she's sleeping, but she still thinks she needs it.  She also still eats baby food.  I guess she's my baby.

She's been calling Cody "Daddy" for the past few days.  We always refer to him as "Dad" and that's what she's called him ever since she was coherent.  But now he's "Daddy" and when she says it in her little doll voice, it sounds kind of fake and cloying.  It cracks me up.  Also, she says "Daddy" constantly because she wants Cody to know she's addressing him.  He's her most important person right now, which is nice.  He took her to the splash park in downtown Little Rock the other day, and my jealousy was out of control.  They had a lovely time without me.

I'm going to join a crochetalong, because why not?  Also, it's Tunisian crochet.  So I guess I should learn how to do that, and buy a Tunisian crochet hook.

Cody checked out that book about the White House garden, and made some spinach pie last night.  He was pretty happy to be making the same dishes as one of the head chefs at the White House, and to incorporate lots of local spinach into our diet.  Well, not Evelyn's diet.  She was eating cheese and grapes and a peanut butter sandwich.  Still.  We had a nice dinner last night with the spinach pie covered in cheese and served up with some heated up potatoes and green beans I'd made the night before with produce from our farmers market and rosemary from our balcony.  The self-righteousness was delicious.

I keep seeing Father's Day craft ideas and saying "No" to all of them.  I literally look at the computer and say "no" out loud.  Sometimes with great force.  I don't actually have a Father's Day gift for Cody yet, but you can bet your sweet Modge Podge it's not going to be a painted tie or a mosaic stepping stone or customized grilling accessories.  He wants a massage and I just haven't gotten around to getting it for him yet.  We went to Williams Sonoma a few weeks ago and I shouted "I'll get you copper pots and quality knives some day!" a little louder than I intended, but I meant it.  Not any time soon, probably.  But some day.  For now, he'll have to settle for my shoulder rubs and the endless affection of a certain little creature.

It's a very small life.  But it's pretty nice.

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