Saturday, June 1, 2013

My Top 5 Laine & Evelyn Moments

Laine's birthday is next week and I was thinking about how cool of a sister she is, and how great of an aunt she is to Evelyn (among other kids, but Evelyn's my main focus for obvious reasons).  She's so great, I made a list of my Top 5 Laine and Evelyn Moments.

The time I had a giant freakout at 37 weeks because next to nothing in my house was ready for a baby and I was exhausted and working a lot and seriously, next to nothing in my house was ready for a baby and all those folks who will tell you that you don't need to get your life ready for another person it can just hush.  So anyway, Laine drove in from Memphis to wipe down my baseboards and practice baby-wearing and then she cut all the tiny plastic tags off of packs of baby socks because I am nearly incapable of doing it. She was helping me, but she also wanted Evelyn's home to be nice.

For the last month of my pregnancy, she had a bag packed and sitting in the middle of her living room floor so that she could go meet her niece at a moment's notice. She also maybe carried an ultrasound picture in her wallet and made a lot of people look at it.

She does whatever it takes for Evelyn to like her even though it's a documented fact that babies don't really like Laine.  This has included buying her affection with gadgets, presents, junk food, weird games, and making her house nearly as fun to stay at as a grandparent's house.  You know what's more fun than a grandparent's house?  Probably nothing, but Laine hosted Easter this past year and hid eggs all over the downstairs of her house for Evelyn to hunt all the time and Evelyn loved it.

That time they took selfies.  And then did it every single time they were together after that.

On Dad's birthday this year, we were standing around in the parking lot of a restaurant digesting and visiting and forming a circle to keep Evelyn from running around and mere seconds after Laine announced that she's going to have a baby in December, she stuck her leg out to keep Evelyn from 'escaping' because she's just so awesome at looking out for little people and keeping stuff together.

Ready. to. PARTY!!!

I can't wait to see her be a mom, and I'm really looking forward to carrying around that ultrasound picture in my wallet because I'm really looking forward to being an aunt.  This is so exciting!!!

Also, Laine, I am mostly sure this baby will like you.  


Anonymous said...

Boy, when you announce something, you really ANNOUNCEE it!

Mom2Four said...

I am sooooooo ready!! This is going to be some party!

Laine said...

I hope this baby likes me...time will tell.