Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I'm looking for ways to tell you that things are good.

Things are pretty good.

Evelyn and I don't like our allergies, but we're doing okay.

Cody took her swimming yesterday.  She was slathered in sunscreen, and then kindly rubbed some sunscreen on Cody's arms.  She was angry that she didn't get to squeeze the bottle herself, and promptly cried when it was time to leave.  I'm told the rest of the time was fine except for Cody's sunburned shoulders.  Those kids are so lovely together.

This is them on Father's Day.  Goodness gracious.
After detailing all of the ways Evelyn had been too distracted to eat, sleep, or be nice, my mom mentioned last week that Evelyn reminds her so much of me at this age.  I told her we didn't have to talk about it.

Evelyn pushes back a lot (usually figuratively, but sometimes physically) and yells and can almost put on pants by herself.  She is engaged with pretty much everything all the time.  Color, read, pull out a toy, put a toy back, name five objects in the room, push back hair, yell "Dance!".  Repeat.  It's exhausting and magical.  Every day is better.

I look at all these pregnant people dreaming of rocking babies and I'm flabbergasted at the fact that I used to have a baby who would nurse for hours while I watched TV.  I forget that she hasn't always been able to climb.  She has always tried to, though!  She's the very best part of my world.  Last night she kept saying "turkey sandwich" and it was the most adorable statement ever. I don't know why.

I'm out of analogies for how we feel.  I can only say that we're happy.  With one another.  With this family.  With our home, and our routines and our jokes and our snacks.  Evelyn's been having all kinds of grandparent parties lately.  We've been getting to see more of our friends, and will get a few more chances to see them soon.  We're looking forward to lots of things.  Sara is graduating this summer.  Laine will have a baby in December.  Mom wants to plan a family trip to Crystal Bridges later in the summer.  I want to have a day trip to Memphis and show things to Evelyn.

There's a cantaloupe that's been sitting in the refrigerator for a week and a half and I need to cut it up because there's very little better than eating cantaloupe in the summer.  Or there won't be until grapes come in season, anyway.

Things are lovely, and getting better every day.

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