Friday, May 10, 2013

We had a daytrip adventure!

Now that my work has slowed down a bit, I decided to stress out over the fact that Cody might get a job before this family gets to have a little fun.  (Hush.)  I can't just go from insanely high levels of stress to no stress at all.  I have to ease into this.  So after a business meeting where I enthusiastically decided to take on more work and increase my stress only a tiny bit, we hopped in the car and took off for the Ozark Folk Center.

Actually, we stopped for donuts first.

Those donuts sat really well in my stomach while I kept turning around to hand Evelyn things (she got fussy for the last 30 minutes, but was an absolute champ the rest of the time!) and Cody took 80 million turns as I begged him to stay below the speed limit.  It was only the 3rd or 4th time in our marriage when that had happened, but it did happen and he did stay below the speed limit.  Oh hills.  Oh curves.

Evelyn was ready to fly out of the car, so after we went to the bathroom and paid for our tickets, I threw her in the stroller and pushed her up 2 hills because I was afraid she'd have a meltdown if we had to wait for a shuttle.   So then I had an asthma attack blah blah blah and vowed to get in better shape.  A couple of hits off the inhaler later, we realized Evelyn didn't want to go in the cute little stores in the craft village and we'd need to just turn her loose. So we did.  And then she was a happy girl.

She spent the majority of her time here.

A group of musicians sat around, planning shows and practicing songs.  Evelyn clapped, made me dance with her, and stared at them and their instruments.  She yelled "I love this!" several times as I spun her around to the bluegrass.  Of course she does.  Cody and I took turns hanging out with her and trying to get her to drink water (it was hot!  I don't even know if she remembers hot weather!), while the other person wandered around and looked at other stuff.

She did also like looking at the fish.  We visited them often.

She wanted to go into the corn husk doll store for 2 minutes.  During that time, she made a friend.  She loves strangers who offer to give her things.  Is this something to worry about?

I went to the clothing store because I love old sewing stuff.

The woman working there told me this machine sews horizontally, rather than vertically like most sewing machines.  She said she hadn't found much research on it, but I thought it kind of made sense if you were trying to sell a sewing machine to people who were accustomed to hand-sewing.

Portable machine:

Old baby clothes.  So sweet.

Back to the baby!  Cody went to watch people do stuff with copper and Evelyn and I climbed.

We had a snack in a picnic area and she sat at tables (we had the whole place to ourselves), and climbed on benches.  When Cody caught up to us, she told him about birds and showed the benches.

She really enjoyed climbing on this small rock.  They're so big!

I think we went back to the musicians 3 or 4 times.  This nice lady let Evelyn play her banjo and showed her how to use a capo.  Because Evelyn says "uh huh" to every single question anyone asks her, she has now agreed to be a 'banjo babe.'  There are worse interests to have, I guess.  She does get really excited about banjo music and exclaims "Dance!" every time she hears it in a song.  And yes, she can pick it out of a lot of different sounds.  No pun intended.

We also ate and pressed a penny and Evelyn watched a woman hand-stitch some scraps together for a quilt.  Then Cody nearly drove Evelyn and her stroller into a ditch on our way to the car, and she yelled "Whee!  Yay!" and clapped for his adventurous exploits.  Then I drove home and we had maybe 30 minutes of peace.  The rest of the time involved Evelyn screaming because there were no more donuts and she was too tired to be pacified with anything else.  It just made seeing our home that much better.  We let her dance around and eat and be at home for a little later than usual, and called the day a success.

We didn't get to see that much because a lot of the center is under construction.  But our tickets were half price, so it evened out.  Going on a weekday meant there were fewer shows, but two-year-olds can't sit through demonstrations (especially after a car ride) very well, and I certainly didn't want to have to dance with her through an entire bluegrass set--her idea of dancing involves people holding her while she jumps on their arm.  It was a good time and we didn't get rained on and this little family hasn't taken a day trip in forever.  I can't wait to do it again!

Next time we'll have more donuts.

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