Thursday, May 16, 2013

Rainy morning

Hey there!

It's raining. I'm eating oatmeal.  Cody's doing laundry.  Evelyn's off somewhere having adventures with her grandparents.  "Adventures" include getting irritated with Mo for existing, eating in another house, hiding from her uncle Levi even though she's fascinated by him, and anything else she does.

Everything that happens at a grandparent's house is adventurous.  I'm pretty sure there's science backing it up.

Cody applied for a job that seemed like a good fit and didn't get it.  It happens.  Kind of a lot.  He's remaining surprisingly positive.  He said that he and Evelyn had a great time at the library yesterday and she climbed a ladder on the playground all the way to the top for the first time ever!  She celebrated by jumping off the platform into Cody's arms and he was completely unprepared.  I mean, he caught her.  But he was surprised.

She's pretty impulsive.  It's terrifying and encouraging.  I like that's she's brave and curious, but we don't believe in running out into the street in this family and girlfriend needs to get on board with that.

I should read more.

I knit and crochet a lot.  I unravel a surprising amount of it.  The hat I was excitedly carrying on about yesterday?  Unraveled.  I missed the part about checking gauge in the instructions because I have a hard time paying attention these days.  My attention's in a lot of places.  I have a toddler, whatever.

My throat hurts.

Cody and I have missed each other.  We live together and we try to talk to each other, but it's kind of hurried and hushed.  We had pizza last night and I was almost too excited to eat.  The coffee I had beforehand probably had a lot to do with it, but I was skipping pizza to blurt out thoughts uninterrupted and ask Cody questions about all things mundane and crucial.  I went on a five-minute tangent about how the guys in Pearl Jam seem like great hard workers because I just had the chance to do so!  (Ask me about it some time.)

I wish I was better at sewing.

I love this picture of Evelyn.

She wears the crown so regally.

I pulled out her Size 6 Month shorts from last summer for her to wear.  We all (parents and grandparents) bought cute shorts and pants and rompers for this summer and most of them are still too big.  It doesn't help that we've decided to stop cloth diapering, which gave her scrawny frame a little more padding.  I spent a truly ridiculous amount of time in the clothing sections of stores last week cussing out "stupid fatties," which is probably not the thing to say about adorable rolypoly babies blowing up the idea of what size a kid should be at a certain age.  Blegh.

But yes, we've decided to stop cloth diapering.  We had a good run with it, but it's just not something we want to mess with right now.  Now I can put Evelyn's clothes in the top drawer of her dresser!  Her clothes may be small, but they take up a lot of space because she has so many.  Her dad gets pretty excited about the cute outfits he picks out for her.

I like them both.


Anonymous said...

G and I call Gymboree "The Store For Fat Children". Because it is. So maybe cross that store off your list if you haven't already.

Also, that looks really bad in print. I promise we aren't hateful people raising a hateful child. In all fairness, it wouldn't kill Gymboree to look into an adjustable waist.

Jen said...

Her grandparents LOVE Gymboree! The clothes all mix and match and are easy to care for....which is why the twelve-month dress my mom bought her last year looked so cute on her last week. Target and BabiesRUs also hate us. Fat babies have ruined it for everyone.