Monday, May 6, 2013

Just a couple of princesses

Here's some more pictures of Evelyn's magical princess adventure!

These are just a few shots of Evelyn and her Aunt Bodie taking pictures, stretching their legs, probably taking a few selfies with Sara's phone.

I love her in pigtails.

She really likes to put things on her fingers.  I don't know why.

Shrugging and saying "Nooooooooo" to something.

And then we asked if she was ready to go.  Of course she was!

Then Sara picked her up for one last picture and she protested because it was time to go.

And then I dropped them off and they disappeared into a sea of parents and princesses.  Sara said Evelyn wasn't concerned about being taken away at all, and just looked at everyone and exclaimed "Pretty dresses!"

Then they partied, and Cody picked them up when it was all over.  Evelyn told us "Teeeeee-ana" over and over because that's her favorite, and Sara told us that most children were accompanied by two adults.

It was nearly 2 hours past Evelyn's standard naptime, but she was pretty over-stimulated and in need of a lunch before we put her down for the day.  She played a little and showed off her dress some more.

Sara got a turn wearing Evelyn's crown, even though I know for a fact that she has at least 3 of her own at home.

They took a few pictures together, and chatted about princesses.  Before Sara left (Evelyn was not the only person in need of a nap after this adventure), Evelyn told her "Bye, princess!"

These two obviously get each other.

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Laine said...

That is a really cool Tiana cup!