Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I made a tutu over the weekend.

Then the living room looked like this:

We bought a zoo membership and felt like real parents.

I found out I'm scared of the sounds penguins make.  You learn something new every day.

I finally photographed the handspun I bought at the Ozark Folk Center a few weeks back.  I just wanted to show you.

I also just wanted to show you this.

I wish I took more pictures of my muscles.  I love them.

I make a lot of lists.

I'm ready to make jelly.

I bought a CD player last week because playing CDs in our DVD player makes Evelyn angry that there's nothing showing up on the 'movie', and now we dance and listen to more music than normal.  It's lovely.

Evelyn likes dolls right now and keeps noticing babies, so we've been talking about how we act around babies.  I'm hoping some of it sticks for when she starts meeting her baby friends at the end of the summer.

Cody's doing some kind of fitness boot camp.  I don't have pictures of that because it happens way super early in the morning.  I'm tired of him talking about his sore muscles, but I'm proud of him anyway.

Evelyn didn't try to run away when I cut her fingernails last night, so I'm proud of her too.  

Maybe I'll talk about knitting projects soon.  I enjoy that.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome muscles!!!