Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Evelyn is fun and funny

I like to go to the store with her.  She grabbed her crown for a Target run last week.

It didn't make it into the store, but she looked cute with it in the car.  When we came back from the grocery store last night, she put it back on.

Cody took her for a trolley ride and some ice cream last week.  They were the happiest kids.  He even took pictures for me and made me look at them as soon as I got home.

It turns out Evelyn really likes sprinkles.

She's wearing a polo dress her Aunt Bodie thought she needed.

Not to jinx anything, but she's been pretty lovely for the last week or so.  She deigns to eat food at most meals and her teeth are giving her a break.  The weather's been nice and we've been spending a lot of time outside looking for rocks and sticks.  She's been seeing lots of her grandparents and friends.  We found ourselves accidentally pushing her bedtime back by about 30 minutes.  The result is an only somewhat crankier person in the evening who is more than happy to go to bed at night.  Sweet.

Also, words.  Her "no" sounds especially whiney, her greeting of "oh, hi!" reminds of the Minnesota nice accent, and she's been growling out certain phrases sometimes.  I don't know why.   I just like it.  She repeats nearly everything I say now, which is hilarious and terrifying.  Last night, I had some fun with it:

So cute.  She's a really fun person to play with.  Her favorite books are about Olivia (that pig), Richard Scarry characters, and anything by Eric Carle.  Oh, and she likes Curious George.  No real surprise there.

Such a fun little monkey.

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Mom2Four said...

Whoa!! Big girl at the ice cream store!

Loved "Whose your friend?"