Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Brook and Chris got married!

Brook got married Saturday!

The temperature was below 50°, it nearly rained on everyone, and blah blah blah.  It was the perfect wedding.  I took a few pictures of the wedding and reception with my little camera, but mostly I just enjoyed myself.  Everyone there was incredibly excited to see two lovely people make their life together official.  I blurted out to Chris that Jessi and I had waited a long time for him, and it was silly but true.  I'm so glad that Brook has someone who recognizes and celebrates how awesome she is.  She's one of the most ambitious and talented people I know, and I'm so happy that she has a partner in awesome.

Also, her wedding was amazing and she looked wonderful in her dress.  Duh.

Here are the bridesmaids.

Here's Brook and her dad.  So lovely.

Here's my view.  I couldn't see Brad officiating the wedding (because he did!  Because that's awesome!), but he was doing a great job.  I couldn't hear Chris's vows, and I'm told that's a good thing.  Instead, I got to hold out for two more minutes on the weeping business when I heard Brook's vows.  She's very loud.  It was moving.  Have I mentioned I'm excited?  EXCITED.  Also, yes.  That is an arch made of books you're seeing.

Here are some more pictures of it after the ceremony.

Brook's dad made that for her!  These things do really happen outside the Internet!  Beautiful.

Then I felt the need to take a few pictures of the nice tower of glasses at the reception.

See how tickled Jessi is with it?

There were bookpage runners on every table.  I kept glancing down and reading about Eskimos murdering each other.  It was kind of fun.

Um, this is the only picture I took of Brook.

I really like that she's hanging on to a chair in an attempt to stop the dress's gravitational pull from sucking her down into the earth.  That was a lot of dress.  But she kept herself upright and visited with everyone and smiled and danced and was a generally radiant bride.  It was a great night.  A great, great night.

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