Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Alaska Jane's Gray & Yellow Shower

I never showed you the shower that Alana threw for Faith and little Miss Alaska!

It was a pretty spring day a couple of weekends ago.  Everything was yellow and springy and picnic themed.

We wrote on quilt squares in place of signing a guest book, and I included backing so that Alaska can have a quilt letting her know how excited everyone is to meet her.

Sarah dressed to match the theme, and Brook put some serious time and effort into her quilt square.

Alana was a radiant hostess.

And here are just some of the pictures I took of Jeff and Faith opening presents.  There is a startling range of emotions happening here.

I made the hat.

And the teeny tiny dress.

After a lot of visiting and eating, and just a little game-playing, we took our sack lunch-styled goody bags and took a brief rest period between the baby shower and Brook's bachelorette party (not pictured because I did not document it).

It was a lovely shower for someone who will be a lovely baby.  We were happy to celebrate her (and her parents) in such a cheerfully pretty way.  Yay!


Jeff said...

Love this:) thanks for documenting! Also the picture of me with the Diaper Genie refills is exquisite.

Jen said...