Thursday, April 18, 2013

I want Evelyn to know: #2

  1. The newest and fastest technology won't make you any happier or any smarter.  You'll probably just be more distracted.
  2. Look people in the face when you speak.
  3. Always have an up-to-date library card.
  4. Give to charity.  
  5. A little lip gloss will distract from a blemish almost as effectively as concealer.  
  6. Some people give advice because they like to look smart.  Most of the people you know are going to give you advice because they are smart, and they want to help you.  Try to listen to at least some of it.
  7. Don't get embarrassed.  Just don't.
  8. Treat people how you want to be treated.  Expect them to do the same.
  9.  Say "thank you" often and always mean it.
  10. A good guitar solo can make all the difference.  I love to drive with you and some loud music.

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