Monday, April 22, 2013

Here we are

Uncle Brad has been playing with pictures of Evelyn again.
Evelyn's just been playing with sticks. They're her favorite.

Cody found his wedding ring in his sock drawer last weekend.  He was pretty happy to wear it again.

I switched out our clothes for the summer last weekend.  Evelyn has been spending quite a bit of her weekend time with her grandparents, and so last weekend I cleaned out my closet and put away our winter clothes, hauled out the warm weather clothing, and tucked away Evelyn's outgrown things.

I may go back into her old clothes and dig out her shorts.  I'm buying her shorts in sizes 18-24 months and they fall right off of her.  I tried sewing elastic into the waistbands of some of them before remembering that I'm tragically bad at sewing elastic.

I'm actually not that great at sewing.  But I did it this weekend anyway.  I don't know how to backstitch on this old machine.  Oh well.  I made a little newborn dress for some friends.  Newborns aren't all that rough on their clothes, and the wearer of this little dress (that I forgot to photograph before giving it away) will probably outgrow it 20 minutes after birth.  Maybe not, though. My brain looks at baby clothes and refuses to believe that anyone could ever be that tiny because Evelyn is a big girl now.

(A big girl with no hips, but hey.)

Evelyn talks quite a bit.  I like it.  Mostly she'll try to repeat what she just heard.  Some of those sentences are getting pretty long!  She also likes reading, and will sometimes dramatically declare "Dance!" when she hears music.  Or doesn't.  Sometimes you have to hold her and dance, and other times she does it herself.  She likes to do a lot of things herself.

I went to a baby shower and a bachelorette party on Saturday.  They were both lovely, and in between the two, I cleaned my house, swept my back porch, and repotted some plants.  I think a neighbor's dog got into the planter box we have by our front door.  They seem fine now, and I'm hopeful for our little herb garden.  If nothing else, we've still got that one pot of rosemary we've never managed to kill.  I think Mom gave it to us a week or so before Evelyn was born.  Cody likes to use it.

Cody said he feels like baking this week.  I've graciously decided to let him.  He keeps looking for jobs, and has actually gotten a few callbacks.  Hooray!

You can tell Evelyn is really enjoying this time with him, though, and I'm grateful that she's spending time with at least one parent.  I've been working a lot in the past few weeks, but things should be winding down soon.

On Saturday, Cody took her to a literary festival event for kids.  There were too many kids there for the play stations and dress-up clothes, and she was tired.  But he kept her occupied with some other activities and even remembered to take pictures for me.  He freaked out because the outfit I picked for her wasn't as fancy as some of the other little girls'.  I'll try to redeem myself when she goes to Disney Princesses on Ice with her Aunt Bodie this weekend.  I don't know if either of them can handle that kind of excitement, but I'm really looking forward to finding out.

And that's where we are.  Things are pretty good if we remember to shower the pollen off ourselves before we go to bed.  We're spending a lot of time outside, and I'm hanging on until the end of my work's crazy season.  We're happy and healthy and thriving, and we're all really hungry these days.  I want to sew myself a dress soon, and I'm feeling a little more organized and in control of life after taking a nap yesterday.

It's all pretty great.

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