Monday, April 29, 2013

Evelyn's Princess Adventure!

My mom sent me a text last week because she found out that Disney Princesses on Ice was in our area and she wondered if they should buy tickets for Sara and Evelyn to go.  I assumed she was joking about the wondering part because Sara and Evelyn were born for this kind of stuff.

So Gil and Granddad bought tickets, Aunt Bodie set aside $50 for concessions, and Momp (that's what she calls me these days) bought a Cinderella onesie because actual princess dresses are enormous.

On Saturday, we dressed up the little princess, and I gave Sara even more cash because what if they needed a t-shirt?, and they were off!

I took pictures with my camera before and after the show, but they're not uploaded at the moment.  This is such a momentous occasion that maybe I'll blog about it for two straight days.  Who needs pictures of that baby shower I went to a week and a half ago when I can talk for days on end about the time Evelyn wore pigtails and a frilly skirt?  Right?   Right.

Okay, so here are the pictures that Sara took with her phone.

This is the one that went out to let us know they had found their seats and were ready for the show.

I knew she would need a blue rose hair clip someday.  I just knew it.

This was after Sara asked if it was okay to buy cotton candy and feed half of the bag to a small child and I said 'but of course!'  The bag came with this lovely styrofoam crown that Evelyn wore for the next two hours.  Sara adjusted it to be pretty large because she didn't want to take out Evelyn's bow.

More selfies!  Look at that sleepy face.

Cotton candy and watching!


Maybe we can just call this "The Time Granddad Bought Evelyn a Ticket for Cotton Candy and It Was Really Fun."

Or maybe this was the only time she sat still enough for Sara to take some pictures.

She is not sad!  She's just a little tired and very intent.  Sara said she was mesmerized by the show.

Evelyn got to stretch her legs during the intermission, and enjoyed all of the people watching.

Also, she danced.

Sara says Evelyn wasn't hugging this Lego replica of the Cinderella carriage, but I like that it looks that way.

Evelyn and Sara lasted through the entire show, and Evelyn now has a commemorative Tiana cup (Tiana and Belle are her favorites right now).  She's also referring to her little white shoes as "princess shoes."  I'm told that Sara has mostly recovered from her adventure.

I'm kind of glad that this onesie is so large.  I think this little girl is going to want to wear it for a while.


Anonymous said...

Best money Gil and Granddad EVER spent!!!!!

Mom2Four said...

So glad that she enjoyed it. She looked precious!
Thanks, Sara, for escorting her to the event.

Jen said...

I think they both had a pretty amazing time! Thanks again!