Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Aubrey and Emory's Baby Shower

Brook, Jessi, and I threw a baby shower a few weeks ago for Mandy and Jason--and for their little girls, Aubrey and Emory!

We got a little excited with the 'pea in the pod' theme and there were flowers and greenery and cabbage heads.  It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Here are the decorations and refreshments!

So many vegetables!

Sugar snap peas and green gum balls that looked like peas!

Cucumber sandwiches

Carrot cake.

Banner of little girl things!

One of Brook's wonderful diaper cakes.

Here are the attendees!

Green plaid dads to be!

Happy couple.

Happy cou--wait.

Happy couple/parents to be!

She always makes him do this and he always acts like he hates it.

Jack came!  (Evelyn was stolen by her Gram.)

Sweet happy family!

And the guest of honor!

Yes, Jason.

Mandy was in the hospital to stabilize her blood pressure.  Growing twins is hard work and while her spirit is more than willing, her body is whining a bit.

So she sent Jason in her stead.

And this guy!  This guy was a champ.

He read every bib and onesie in the packages of bibs and onesies.

He held up every gift to be photographed.

Alana's gift wrap!

He thanked the giver for every item he opened.

He said shower things like "This will be great for...."

Brook texted Mandy everything that was happening as it happened, and Alana sent her pictures.

Jason even did the expectant parent thing and held up these tiny dresses to his belly the way a lot of moms do at showers.

The "I ♥ Mommy" stuff was a big hit for a pretty obvious reason.  Mandy and Jason are going to be the very best parents and already love their girls so much.  I can't wait to party with all four of them in person some day soon!

After the shower, Jason put everything back in its original packaging so that Mandy could open her presents all over again at the hospital.  And we packed her little baggies of veggies and fruits because, you know, hospital.  She was sent home a couple of days later, and has been on bed rest ever since.

But now she's full-term and the girls are welcome to show up at any time.  Everyone's excited, but no one more so than Jason and Mandy.

Yes, you do, sweethearts.  You most certainly do.
Many, many, many congratulations and happy wishes to Jason and Mandy and Aubrey and Emory!

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