Friday, April 5, 2013

Always in progress

Evelyn's appetite has returned.

She says "no" a lot.

Cody lost his wedding ring yesterday.  He's supposed to look places and call stores, and I've written it off as lost forever.  We had a good run with that ring, and my darkly cynical heart is surprised he managed to hang on to it as long as this.  Six years is a long time to keep up with something when you're a man who once lost a pair of glasses right off his face.

He hasn't gotten any callbacks.  He needs to follow up on a few interviews, but things aren't looking that promising.  At least not this week.  Next week could be different.  In the meantime, he's going to search for his wedding ring, cook some food, and have adventures with Evelyn.  Today he wanted to ride the trolley to the library with her.  She loves the trolley.

Trolley-riders a couple of weekends ago.
The farmers market opens tomorrow, and the weather is supposed to be beautiful.  They'll buy produce and read to the dogs at the library.

They'll do it without me because I'll be working.  I'm missing them a lot, but I'm not so dumb as to complain about having a job right now.  If I have to work Saturday, I'll just see if I have enough Mtn. Dew (yes) and ask the higher-ups if I can wear jeans (no).

I had last Friday off.  So at least there's that.

And last Saturday, Laine and I spent nearly an hour at a yarn store.  I bought yarn I haven't photographed, or even touched since.  I have a plan for all of it.  It's lovely.

I want to quit Facebook, but people keep having babies and I know I'm too lazy to keep up with people any other way.

I need to mail people pictures of Evelyn.  And write thank-you cards for her birthday presents.  And maybe take down her birthday decorations.

We still have birthday banners up in our living room.  Sometimes Evelyn sees them and exclaims "Happy!  Birthday!" and that's probably why I leave them out.

She says a lot of words in addition to "happy birthday" and "no."  She likes to talk about birds and can sometimes correctly identify robins.  She tends to talk about things she associates with people.  She'll point to things in her little play kitchen and say "Dad."  She plays with it more now that Cody has moved it closer to our kitchen.  They match!

She points at Mtn. Dew logos and glasses and says "Mom."  Actually, it sounds like "Momp" right now.  Whatever.  We took her to visit her Memaw (Cody's grandmother) the other day and they had a nice time talking about Easter, and her dog, Maxi.  Evelyn chattered on about something, and then Martha warned us that "once they start talking, they never shut up."  I would hope not!

I grew up in a family of nonstop talkers, and Cody seems confident that the last decade or so of knowing me has prepared him.  Bless his heart.  We've been looking forward to hearing this girl has to say hour or so after we found out I was pregnant.  Apparently we have a lot of conversations about food, animals, and trolleys in our future.

Evelyn can put her on pants by herself sometimes.  Most of the time she puts her feet into shoes, she gets it right.  I haven't seen it happen, but Cody said she likes to wear her cowboy boots a lot.  I love her little cowboy boots.  There are dumb things I get hung up on, and attach a weird amount of significance to.  Like being the first one to knit her a hat, or take her to a library (3.5 weeks old!  Kevin Brockmeier was there!), or buy her first set of cowboy boots.  You'd think I'd be pretty secure in my mom role.  I mean, I'm pretty sure she likes me.  But I'm not, or at least not always.  I like it when I get her things and she likes them.

I think she has two more teeth coming in.  I have two cavities that I'll get filled later in the month.  I scheduled it far enough away that my blogging money from March will have come in, and that's how I'll pay for that.  Gross.  Evelyn better have Cody's perfect teeth.  Based on her crooked bottom row, though, I doubt it.

And yes, I'm still blogging for Leisure Arts.  I keep waiting for an email that says "Please......just stop."  but it hasn't happened yet.  I guess I'll just keep writing about the arts and crafts things I try until it does.

Sometimes I think about my side job is writing and then I just laugh and laugh.  College Jen would be very confused by this.  But I'd just tell her, "Hush, College Jen.  It's fine.  It's great, even."

And it is.

Have a good weekend.

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