Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A birthday post for Gram!

It's Dicy's birthday today!

We'll celebrate with dinner this weekend, but Evelyn will probably give her a lovely card before then.

Evelyn loves her Gram.  She's very blessed when it comes to grandparents, and I'm incredibly grateful that both sets live near her and that all of her grandparents are instilling a love of the outdoors in her.

Dicy kept Evelyn on Saturday night.  After her nap, they planted flowers and sat on the swing.  On Sunday morning, they cleaned out the garage.  When we went to pick her up, Evelyn ran around and around the house and pointed out things to me.  She played and worked up a huge appetite and had a great time.  She always has a great time with her Gram.  They cuddle on the couch in their sweatpants--Evelyn has some pairs of sweat pants that Dicy gave her and I swear that she looks like her grandma whenever she wears them!--and swing outside, and she loves the back deck almost as much Dicy does.  That's a lot of love.

She also loves her Gram, and her Gram loves her right back, and even if I hadn't liked Dicy before, I would love her for that. (But I did like her before.)

Cody loves his mom a lot, and I love her a lot, and really, maybe Evelyn loves her the most of all.  We're all very excited that it's her birthday, and I hope she has a great one.  This could be one of her best years yet!

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