Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Cody Lee is 29 and Evelyn June is 2


In March, they had birthdays.  They could play on the playground and they loved to slide.

They also loved fries.

In May, Evelyn grew some teeth and would sleep through the night on a mostly regular basis.

In June, we celebrated Father's Day.  I think I bought donuts, and Cody took Evelyn to a park because that was what he wanted to do on his day.

In July, we took our first road trip as a family!  We stayed in a hotel and saw our Miami family and I think we only got lost once!  This is a record for our marriage.  Cody and I both had the week off, and we spent most of it at home.  It was lovely.  Evelyn started standing during that time.

In August, summer dragged on and on.  Cody looks thinner in this picture because he was working for 12 hours a day in a metal box that sat in the sun.  He actually doesn't remember much about the end of the summer.  Evelyn had her first haircut and was so beautiful.  Also we weaned.  This marked the end of me nursing Evelyn before bedtime for 40 minutes and laying her in her crib.  Instead, Cody rocked her for maybe 2 minutes (we were both hoping he'd have to rock her for longer, but for very different reasons) before putting her in her crib.  I'm assuming she started walking regularly during this time, but it might have been in September.  Once she started, she didn't stop.  She'd go until she'd literally drop and start crying.

In October, we took Evelyn to the pumpkin patch for the first time.  She loved it!

Also, Cody did this to her.  It was not the last time.  She loves when they wear matching clothes, or at least matching colors.

I don't have pictures of Cody and Evelyn for November.  My dad had shoulder surgery, I tried to take care of a lot of last-minute things before I went back to work full-time, and Cody was really busy with extra orders at the restaurant.  But I do remember that Cody and Evelyn voted together, and she really loved her sticker.  She got really into stickers in the fall.

In December, I started working late.  Cody got to spend more time with Evelyn every day and he worked a lot.  A whole lot.  There were library activities and a sweet potato pie contest and my birthday and Christmas parties and lots and lots of snow.

January is a bit hazy for me.  January is a busy time for me, and it's usually a slow time for Cody.  Instead, he had to work extra and look for a job because the restaurant was closing.  It was pretty stressful.  I remember Evelyn liked reading a lot.  Her attention span seemed to really expand in the winter, especially when it came to books.

Also, I found Evelyn's new favorite jacket and very little tickles her or Cody more than putting on her Captain America coat.

In February, there was employment.  And then there wasn't.  I got a new camera and didn't use it on Cody and Evelyn at the same time.  Evelyn got an ear infection and a cold, and then we caught the cold.  As much as Evelyn loves my mom, you could tell she was more secure when she was with a parent every day.  I'm especially glad that Cody was there for doctor's appointments and extra rocking time while she felt so bad.

Now it's March.  Evelyn caught a stomach bug around the time of her birthday and it's just now going away. Cody still looks for work, and goes places on the 2 days a week that my mom comes to see Evelyn.  Most kids don't get to spend so much time with their dads, and rarely are the dads as great as Cody.  I'm pretty jealous of them both.

Evelyn has 12 teeth and is working on a couple more at the moment.  Not only are Cody's teeth as perfect as ever, but he no longer needs glasses because his ugly corneas are healing up so well.

Cody seems to be losing weight, although we don't know if it's due to better eating habits or stress.  Evelyn weighs 21 pounds and it 33.5" tall.

Cody has joined Toastmasters.  Evelyn says new words every day, and my favorite thing is when she narrates what's happening or what she's feeling: "jumping!", "dancing!", "happy!"

They both have stand mixers.  They both have my heart.  They both had a big year.

There were a lot of limitations to rage against.  Wanting to walk and not knowing how.  Wanting to work and not getting the call back.  Wanting to do more but it wasn't the right time.  Knowing what you want or need, but not having the words to articulate it (we all have a problem with it, kiddo). They both thrive in weirdly unexpected ways.  They love jazz and peanut butter on a spoon.  When they watch Kathy Lee & Hoda, Hoda is their favorite.  They like gingerbread much more than the average person should, but they're obviously not your average folks.

This is how I always think of them:

I hope I always do.  I hope they always look like this when they're together.

It's weird to remember that there was a time when neither of them were in my life and I'm so very, very thankful that they are.  What extraordinary people.  So funny and smart and wonderful.  They are the absolute best superhero team in the galaxy and the lights of my life.

Cody Lee is 29 and Evelyn June is 2 and I am excited to celebrate with them and the cookie cake that they've been looking forward to for the past week and a half.

Happy birthday, Cody.  I'm so happy you're here and for all the ways you share your life with Evelyn.  Best family ever.

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