Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Brook had a wedding shower!

Jessi and I threw wedding shower for Brook this weekend.  We've been excited about it for quite a while, knocked out most of our shopping for this in a couple of hours one night a while ago.  Jessi wasn't able to set up, which turned out to be a good thing.  I just ran around my mother-in-law's back yard, gathering up sticks and muttering to myself.  I held off on the obsessive telling myself what I was doing and what I would do next (I read a Reader's Digest article about staying focused when I was 11, and it might have worked too well at times) until after Cody and Spencer had helped me with the heavy lifting, and then Cody took Evelyn home for a nap.  Because no one needed to see me like this.

But I did want you to see this:

Brook loves daffodils, so I picked some out of Dicy's yard.  (With permission.)

I didn't think to take pictures of any of us eating a great dinner at a nearby restaurant because I was probably too excited about eating without Evelyn and conversing with friends to dig my camera out of my purse.

But I did manage to take a few pictures of the actual shower.

Gift table!

Cody made the tallest chocolate cake ever, and an apple pie.  People swooned from the goodness.

This monkey didn't have a warm enough coat (Cody's fault. It's my blog and I'll throw him under the bus all I want), but couldn't be convinced to stay inside with her Gram.  There were sights to see!  People to compliment her dress and shoes!  Fires to declare "hooooooot!"  And pictures I needed to take of her.  This is probably the best one from the night.

And here's the actual bride and groom!

I didn't realize it until Brook started screaming with excitement every time she opened a present, but this was their first wedding shower!  We win!  Jessi is off to the side in this picture, finding more presents for Brook to open and paper for Chris to helpfully hold.

I'll just interrupt this flow of prettily decorated and very happy pictures to tell you this: I was super nervous about this party.  I knew the weather would be chillier than we'd anticipated.  And that people had work in the morning, or had worked earlier that day, or both.  And people traveled to get there.  And sometimes I suggest decorations for showers and am met with some blank stares.

Plus, this is Brook. She's getting married and we're really excited, and she throws showers and parties like a pro.  No really, she is a pro.  She has a business partner and they stage houses and create magazine-worthy wedding receptions.  Did I mention we were also celebrating her birthday?  No pressure, ladies who threw a  Cowboys in Space shower.  None at all!  Jessi and I met up at a couple of big box stores at the end of a crappy workweek, armed with massive headaches and a creative 'vision' that is mostly derived from blog posts, catalogs, and a list of things that we know Brook likes.

 Because, most of all, what we wanted was something that Brook would like.  We wanted her to enjoy her pretty night with good presents and delicious food.  And she did, and graciously assured us that she did, and I'm really glad.

 Also, we sent her home with most of the decorations we bought for the party (we used some things we already had) and she was pumped to expand her decorative bird cage collection for future decorating opportunities.  Score!

The evening went really well.  Everyone bundled up and wrapped themselves in blankets that were out on the seats.  Evelyn was friendly and happy, and everyone looked out for her around steps and fire.  I lost her at one point and found her zipped up in her new best friend Mandy's jacket while they sat by the fire pit and talked about things.  She also sat by me and 'wrote' on the list of gifts I was keeping for Brook and Chris.

I managed to take a few group pictures before some people had to hit the road and Evelyn had to be carried to Cody's car in tears because it was past her bedtime.  The girl loves to socialize and I understand why.

Everybody was really great, and really happy for Brook and Chris.

And they seemed really happy right back.

Party success!*

*All my blankets smell like smoke and we broke the porch glider by sitting on it, but Dicy said it was okay because it's an antique.  So.  Still a success!

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