Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Evelyn's favorite thing to say to Mo right now is "Back!  Back!" even if he's not very close to her.  She also makes exaggerated petting motions in his directions and says "Soft!" because, well, that's how you treat animals.  They weren't BFFs this weekend like they sometimes are, but they didn't bother each other too very much either.

Although with Mo, it's hard to tell.  He didn't run and hide from her much, so I think he was sad to see us go even though I probably did a bad job of brushing him.  Evelyn ran around us in circles the whole time, waving her hand at me, and reminding me "Sofffft!"

Because that's how you treat animals.


Laine said...

I'm glad Evelyn reminded you to brush him softly, such a helpful girl.

Jeff said...

Cute kid + cute dog = happy jeff