Monday, February 25, 2013

Saturday was great

We house sat for my parents this weekend.  For Cody, it meant spending some time with a neurotic Mastiff and taking lots of naps (he's the last person to catch our family cold and he seems to be taking it pretty hard).  For me it meant catching up on laundry and letting Evelyn run free while I played with my camera.

I took some pictures.

Evelyn wanted to eat Gold Fish for breakfast.  It was the weekend and her appetite has been slow to come back, so whatever.  She later had a Pop Tart.  She and Mo enjoyed their breakfast together.

We went to Heber Springs to walk around downtown with Sara.  I bought some fabric and then we browsed some shops.  And had pizza.  And went to Dollar General.

Evelyn and Sara mostly talked about how horses and Razorbacks and purses.

And they goofed around a little.

After I put Evelyn down for a nap, I went out to play.  I love being outside.  Because of the wind and the animals and everything else, country life isn't exactly quiet.  But it felt still.  I loved it.

I know the light is a little harsh in these pictures, but I don't know how to control things like that with my camera.  (Yet.)  Besides, it's a walk in the woods, not a Pinterest board.

Here's some stuff closer to the house.

The tulips are coming!!!!

This was Evelyn on Saturday night.  She colored a lot, and played in her overalls outside.  She also yelled "Whee!" a lot just because.

This is already long, and I'm already bored with writing about it, so maybe I'll talk about Sunday tomorrow.  It was a lovely weekend.  We decided before we went out that we'd stay away from the Internet and that was probably my favorite part of all.  That, and the free laundry.  There wasn't much of a schedule, and Mom left plenty of food for us.

It was one of the better Saturdays I've had in a while.


Brad said...

That is one serious coloring face.

Jen said...

She's very particular about these things.