Monday, February 18, 2013

Quick and dirty update

Valentine's Day was okay, except that Evelyn was sickly.  Cody bought Chinese food and gave me chocolate chip cookies, some of which were in a decorated coffee can.

Friday: I worked like crazy, and Evelyn went to the pediatrician.  Her cold-like symptoms were revealed to be the result of an ear infection.  Happy 23 month birthday, little girl!  Making it 23 months without an ear infection is pretty cool.   Also, she weighed 20 pounds and 4 ounces.  Yes, 4 ounces.

Saturday: I did laundry, and Cody went out to look for work.  And to just get out.  He returned with library books, DVDs, and some CDs because I want to play more classical music around Evelyn and never remember to.  Evelyn took a tiny nap. I got nearly no work done.  Also, I bought a camera.  I'd love to write a post all about it, but this is a quick and dirty update and I don't want to cry while thinking about it. Again.

I bought a digital version of my 'real' camera with money from my second job, and with Christmas money.  I freaked out (somewhat discreetly) in the store, and then--with spotty vision and lightheadedness--drove the thing home because I wanted it to be safe while I knitted.

I also knitted, but came home early.  I can't show you pictures of the knitting.  Not yet.

Sunday: Cody fled the house again.  I don't remember why.  Maybe he went to the library then, too. Evelyn seemed perkier, but was still crying over everything, sleepy, and not-hungry.  Again, I tried to get some work done, but didn't.  We switched the couch and the table.  Now there's more natural light in the living room.

I took pictures.  With my new camera.  AND THE MACRO LENS!!!!

Cody made dinner, I took cold medicine and vacuumed, and Evelyn didn't sleep well. I made Cody take care of her because he actually naps when he's home in the day.  Or at least more than I would have if I'd decided to stay home sick.

Today, I feel pretty awful and know I'll feel worse tomorrow.  I'm taking medicine, though, and I know I should be pretty close to functioning by Thursday or so.  I have a dentist appointment tomorrow because I have one or more uncomfortable cavities.  I'm not in pain yet, but I know my gumline isn't supposed to hurt this much even if I do have sensitive teeth.  Whee!

Cody called to tell me that we're getting a tax refund and that Evelyn had a hearty breakfast.  And that she was much happier once she finally got out of the apartment for the first time in several days.  I'm glad she finally feels well enough to get out and about, because I know how much she loves getting out and about.

Here's a picture of Evelyn eating 3 whole bites of cereal yesterday morning.  She only wants to wear princess pajamas, and shakes her head and says "pinces" when I hold up an alternative.

Last night, I needed to comb her hair and she was wriggling and jabbering and pointing at things on the bathroom counter.  When I finally figured out she was pointing at a bottle of lotion, I said "After I comb your hair, I'll put lotion on your hands, okay?"  She squealed "Yayyyyy!" at the highest pitch I've ever heard her reach.


Now that you have that story to chuckle over, I'm going to get back to work and/or read user's manuals FOR MY NEW CAMERA THAT I WANT TO USE TO PHOTOGRAPH MY NEARLY RECOVERED DAUGHTER.

It's pretty big news.  I'm unbelievably excited.


Anonymous said...

Quick and dirty response:

Y'all look like, TWELVE on that coffee can. Wow.

Twenty pounds and four ounces? Awesome!

Yay new camera! Your needles (crochet or knitting? I can never tell. I need to learn how to do yarn things.)

Evelyn is so stinking cute.

Anonymous said...

Your needles *are pretty.* Dangit. I was so overcome with their shininess that I forgot to finish my sentence.

Jen said...

That was our engagement picture. From 2006. I think Cody had turned 22 by then? Sheesh.

20 pounds is mighty! I was 20 pounds at 2 years. That turned out...okay.

I thought they (hooks--for crochet) were, too! Granted, a lot of things look pretty when I have the camera out. I'm pretty excited.

Thanks, I think so too.