Tuesday, February 5, 2013

February 2

I took pictures of my big girl.

I managed a whole 2.5 rows of knitting at our library's monthly sit and stitch.  Evelyn had a good time.  She likes to do the occasional imaginary knitting with my needles, and she was pretty pleased when I gave her her own ball of yarn.  She was even more pleased when one of the librarians gave her a snack bag of cookies and she ate them all.

Once she went down for a nap, I made banana nut bread.  I always use the recipe from this recipe book I stole from Mom.

I had been to wanting banana nut bread for a couple of weeks, and then I wanted it even more after hearing the news that Jim Nabor had gotten married (after being with his partner for nearly 40 years!).  I was excited for him to be happily married, but mostly I was just excited to find out he was still alive.

The recipe for Gomer's Banana Bread Pyle was actually submitted by Jim Nabor.  Awesome.

I made the banana nut bread for my own partner because he was working his last day at Kierre's.  On Friday, he worked from 6:00 A.M. until 3:00 PM at Kierre's, and then he went to his new job and worked there from 4:00 or 5:00 until 9:00 PM or so.  He's a hardworking guy, and so very in demand.  I was proud, and wanted to bake for him.

Ha, I solar-flared my banana nut bread. Insufferable

Evelyn and I got to eat the bread, too.  Then we played outside for the second glorious time that day.

I was really happy Saturday.  Cody's work at Kierre's would be done, the read-to-dogs program is at our library every Saturday now, the weather was nice enough for us to play outside, and we had dessert bread.

Good, good day.

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