Monday, January 21, 2013

January 20

I saw today's date on my phone this evening and realized it was January 20.

Cody and I have been together for 9 years.

I don't always realize what it means when it rolls around, but I did today and I was pretty excited that we've been together for nearly a decade.  We've moved 4(ish) times, bought 3 cars, went through 4 pairs of glasses, had a baby, and still haven't managed to take a vacation together.

Cody still loves comics and conspiracy theories and reading about cases of feral children.  I still listen to music he hates and drink too much Mtn. Dew.  We still love frozen pizza and books and talking about pretty much nothing.  All of the new stuff we like tends to revolve around Evelyn.  It's fun to talk about her, try to figure out why she hides my toothbrush in the places she does, or spend time with her.  She loves frozen pizza as much as we do, reads books, and cracks herself up with her own jokes.  The things we did as a couple of friends buying each other ice cream (TRUE LOVE!) are the things we still love to do as a family of three.

I get really excited about all the time we have just the two of us, though.  I came home late tonight and almost immediately found  a leak under the kitchen sink that I had to fix.  Cody was really nice and changed out the heads on the screwdriver while I mopped up some water.  Then I made him laugh with my mean thought process, and he confessed to closing his Internet browser completely when I walked in because he was embarrassed by the conspiracy theory video he was watching but then he told me about it anyway. 

He will never be able to convince me that a Snickers is not a meal or that jazz is not absolutely nerve-wracking.  I will never stop making borderline hate speech-level critiques of his religious background. 

I'll be the first to say that he's smart and talented.  Whenever I try something new, he's never surprised and always seems confident that I'm capable of being great.  It's been amazing to see that subdued nineteen-year-old with seemingly inaccessible interests turn into a cook who is so proud and happy to be a dad.  None of it surprises me, but it takes my breath away regardless.  This life we've made together is precious and surreal.  I love it.  It's a gift, and I'm grateful.

9 years.  It's good stuff.


Anonymous said...

I love that you guys celebrate the day you met! So nice!

Jen said...

Ha, it's actually the day we started dating--officially. (So mature.) I do remember when I met him, but we weren't friends for a year later.