Thursday, January 17, 2013

February 2

The restaurant is closing on February 2.

Cody's mom has a new job, and that's awesome.  We're excited for her.

Cody's grandma has decided things apparently won't run without her, and so she's closing the restaurant and selling it.

Obviously we're less excited about that.

The restaurant has potential buyers.  Whether any of them want to keep on the original staff is anyone's guess.

Cody is looking for work.  He's good at manual labor, shipping/ordering, and cooking.  He's looking for jobs in all of those areas, and if you see anything else that looks like him you should call him.

I have a lot to say about this phase we're in, but very little of it is positive or polite.  I'm freaking out if I think about it too much, so I'm just really focusing on my work right now and starting lots of knitting projects.

Cody is a little more upbeat about it now, and I think we're almost starting to look forward to whatever happens next.  Maybe.

We've done this before, but never with a baby.  In fact, we had said baby because it seemed like we were both in a place (professionally and financially) to have a baby because his job at the restaurant seemed so safe and stable.

A better person would throw out the Scriptures about how we can't add time to our life by worrying, and maybe the one about not planning for tomorrow because of God's planning.  With hyperlinks and all.

I'm just going to get another cup of coffee.

I'm not writing this to tell the story of how there was a way I thought things were, and then there was conflict, and then there was resolution because of some moment of peace from out of nowhere when I realized the one set of footprints was where Jesus carried us.

I didn't have a picture of hands doing something beautiful, so here's Evelyn laughing because she loves licking baby food off the inside of her baby food lids.

I'm writing this because I haven't written much of anything ever since we knew this was a possibility.  It's something we've been half-expecting in a breath-holding, cringing sort of way.  The Last Day gets closer and closer and it seems a little more normal and a little less terrifying.

Cody's going to be able to purchase his own health insurance.  I'm working full-time.  I'm off on Monday, which gives him a full day to email applications or go into businesses without worrying about naps or getting home by a certain time.  I'm able to talk--or at least post--about this without all the crying and swearing or the past couple of weeks, and Cody doesn't know it yet, but he's going to send out 10 more applications in the next few days.

We're working and planning and trying to cling to the things that give us peace of mind--a silly toddler, lists, encouraging friends and family, frantic prayers, more lists, silly toddler dance parties, more cups of coffee, meal plans, and .... lists.

There's no resolution.  And maybe that's not so terrible.

Thanks for listening.  It feels good to tell you.


arkansaseden said...

Closing? Oh my goodness. I do hope a buyer (a GOOD buyer who will keep the staff and the breakfast offerings EXACTLY the same) pops up. I love that place.

And thank you for not posting a picture of clasped hands. Nothing ever warrants that.

In the meantime, here's something to distract you.

Jen said...

I know. I have a second cousin who gets WAY too excited about their pineapple casserole, and I'm really not sure what she's going to do with herself if it goes away.

If I have a chance to post hands doing something beautiful, or of Evelyn having crazy eyes, I'm going to pick her crazy eyes every time. They just speak to me.

Thank for that Very Important Link. I want more than half of those games! I don't even really LIKE board games! Thanks for your nice words.