Wednesday, December 26, 2012

We had a merry Christmas

Here are the pictures from Christmas Eve and Christmas morning.  I'm just lazily throwing them out there.

Christmas Eve:

She really likes her ark.  Promise.

Her favorite activity.

My sad attempt at cookie-decorating.

Christmas morning!

I put a ten-pack of hairclips in her stocking. She wanted to wear them all.

Now we're snowed in.  All is still calm and bright.  We only lost power for a little while during the night.  I missed a lot of picture-taking because Evelyn's fussy and clingy (teeth, a cold, over-stimulation, separation anxiety, toddlerness, etc.), but we had fun everywhere we went doing whatever it is that we do.  Today, though, has been the best day we've had as a family in forever.  We're doing great and hope you are, too. 

Happy holidays!


Laine said...

Man, that baby bottle gets around. Glad she's so good at sharing!

Brad said...

That football looked really thirsty.