Monday, December 10, 2012

The weekend!

Our weekend was a little busier than usual, but calmer than the weekend before.  The holidays are upon us!

Evelyn met Santa and Mrs. Claus.  She wasn't that enthused about them, but they don't see each other very often. So no big deal.  She ran around in circles and tired herself out at the restaurant for the first time in a couple of weeks.  She was in heaven.
Visiting is fine.

Touching is not fine.  I feel you, kiddo.  I thought the separate seat made your feelings clear.

After a too-short nap and a nice visit from her grandparents, we kept her up too late at Brook's Christmas party.  Evelyn doesn't own any ugly sweaters because all of her clothes are beautiful, but I dressed her up festively and took her.  Here she is last year
She and Auntie B were concerned that maybe their headwear wasn't festive enough.

and here she is this year!  She was all smiles and high-fives and snacking.

Same sweater!

I think one of the reasons she had such a great time is because no one tried to pick her up.  Her friends held out their hands, but didn't act like their feelings were hurt if she ran away.  With no pressure, she was feeling friendly and happy.  Plus, she loved everyone's outfits.  If you want small children to love you, wear flashy clothing with blinking lights, pom poms, or sequins.  She totally ran up to a woman and lifted her hands to be held so they could talk about jewelry.

On Sunday, we took her to the country because the weather was relatively warm.  She's able to quite literally run free in my parents' yard and she loved all the animals, toys, television, and dress up.

The girl loves being a superhero who watches football games.  She's just well-rounded like that.

She saw lots of Christmas decorations and dogs, and we had donuts for breakfast one morning.  It was a great weekend!

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