Saturday, December 8, 2012

Mom's Birthday Post in 2012

It's Mom's birthday!

That's an old picture, but I like it.  Evelyn looks tiny and adorable and Mom looks pretty and happy.  So there we are.  Mom's had a big year, and I always write that because I don't know what else to say.  It would be pitiful, and untruthful, if I said "Oh you know Mom.  She just sort of drifts through life.  Year X wasn't much different."

But Mom generally does stuff, which I like about her, and she did some great stuff this year.  Because I'm tired, and fairly selfish, and this is my blog, I'm mostly only remembering the parts where she played with Evelyn.  I remember there being other things, like something to do with Christmas (I don't really remember Christmas.  Evelyn ate it.), and she washed all of our old handmade baby clothes so that Evelyn could have a glorious Easter dress, and she went to see friends, and she had Evelyn over to spend the night, and she did a ladies' Bible class before she had to be the almost-full-time Evelyn-watcher.  So now she takes Evelyn to Baby Time, which they both love, and she gave Evelyn a sandbox that we used as a swimming pool this summer that is now a nest.  And sometimes she emails me pictures like this:

to ease my mind about whether or not Evelyn can survive if I leave the room for more than 5 minutes (she can).  Being a good grandma winds up making her a good mom because then Evelyn and I are both happy and calm about how things are going with my mom in charge. There's lots of singing and dress-up and book-reading with her around, and Evelyn loves every minute of it.  Which means so do I.

In short, my mom is awesome. I hope she really enjoys the giant batch of cookies made her (yes, that was what she told him she wanted for her birthday present) and her fancy date tonight with Dad and I hope she has a really, very, lovely happy birthday today!

Happy birthday, Mom!  I love you!

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