Thursday, December 20, 2012

How we look over here

Abstract: Evelyn, yarn things, Evelyn. (See also: every post ever published on this blog.)

Here's a cute picture of Evelyn Mom took last week.  
She really likes wearing shoes, especially since she can put them on herself.

I checked my email Friday night and found this little bunny jumping on a hotel room bed.

Here's my sickly girl yesterday.
Mom actually sent me this to let me know she was feeling a little bit better.
Teeth and a runny nose are getting my girl down a bit.
She gets lots of TV, extra cuddles, and thawed breastmilk 
(we didn't realize how much we had in the freezer)
because it's not as bad for her nose.

I made Evelyn some EZ baby bootees.  
They're toddler-sized because I used big yarn and a bigger needle.
I'm hoping she'll be able to put them on herself.
They're a Christmas gift, so don't say anything to her.

Santa is at our house.
I think he'll be staying past Christmas.


 More crafting.

And even more crafting.

 The happiest corner of my desk.
It was high time to replace that picture of six-month-old Evelyn.  
The change is pretty surprising.
Look at this cheerful big girl!

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