Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Typo Tuesday: If you can't capitalize things well, please don't govern me

I was going to post this last Tuesday, but I was too excited about the big day to be cynical and grumpy about this endorsement letter I got.

The current mayor endorsed a mayoral candidate (I hope he used his own funds to do so) that I already didn't plan to vote for.  And now I'm just judging this candidate (he's still a candidate because no one has won yet.  We'll vote again in a month or so) solely by the company he keeps.
"City Services" is not the name of an agency.

And neither is "City Council." 

Do you want to get me started on using the acronym for a city?  I assure you that you don't.  Stop laughing.  Capitalizing unofficial Terms and Words is Officially Dumb.  Not official--just officially dumb.  Don't do it.  Don't be swayed by people who do.

Disclaimer: even though this is in no way an endorsement of any mayoral candidate, I do want to clarify that I typed this post at home and scheduled it for publishing while I'm at work.  I do, however, strongly encourage you to judge people for their poor Grammar.


Kelly said...

Oh my. Unacceptable!

Jen said...

For real. And this is written by the CURRENT mayor. Goodbye, sir. Goodbye forever.