Monday, November 26, 2012

The past 5 days

I've gone to baby time at the library for the last time in a while.

Made fruit salad.

Bought yarn.  Twice.

Finished a sweater.

Started a cowl.

Realized I'll need to unravel the cowl.

Same with a hat.

Celebrated Thanksgiving with my family.

Slept late.

Played at my parents' house and helped with Christmas decorating while Laine repeatedly told Dad and Robert, "Y'all just don't see my vision."

Put a bunch of baby things in storage in my old bedroom.

Tried and failed to get Evelyn to call the hogs.  She won't.

Found a molar in my baby's mouth.

Went to the grocery store.

Saw the new James Bond movie.

Mopped part of the apartment.

Dressed up my big girl a bunch of times.

Had breakfast at the restaurant with most of my family.

Heard Evelyn say "cow", "moon", and maybe even "cheers!" and then refuse to say them again.

Watched 2 discs of Season 3 of Fringe.  Felt the urge to wash a bunch of blankets and/or nurse because that's what I was doing the last time I watched that show.

Took 65 pictures with my camera.  And some more with Sara's camera.

Finished everything up by getting Evelyn bathed and ready for bed as she had an epic meltdown.

The next 5 days?  Well see how it goes.

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