Thursday, November 22, 2012


  • for a beautiful little girl
  • for sleeping through the night this year
  • for a bigger bed
  • for a smart husband
  • for family that loves my daughter
  • for flexibility with my job during this time of my life
  • for good food
  • for things that are funny
  • for yarn
  • for chances to talk about yarn more often
  • for finding a knitting group
  • for a balcony on the apartment
  • for a dishwasher
  • for the Internet
  • for the library
  • for friends
  • for cameras
  • for Mtn. Dew
  • for words like "hi" and "go"
  • for detachable high chair trays that can be sprayed off
  • for pajama pants
  • for books
  • for things that are interesting
  • for birthdays
  • for all good things

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