Sunday, November 4, 2012

Reasons to be excited for November

  • Halloween candy is on sale.
  • You can still keep up your October decorations, but you can also add to them because November just seems like a fancier month to me.
  • Regardless of what Arkansas weather might do the rest of the year, November really is a very fall-ish month.
  • Pumpkin-flavored everything is still available!
  • If you're one of those people who likes to gripe about pumpkin-flavored everything, may I remind you that this is the last month for it?  Well, I will because this is my space.
  • The election!  If you haven't already done so through absentee or early voting, vote!  I'm not trying to judge, but if you can't be bothered to take advantage of our most sacred privilege and responsibility as Americans.....then the judgement's just going to come naturally.  This is a big deal! This year we get to take Evelyn! Expect a picture of her with an 'I voted!' sticker.  She loves stickers.
  • The library sale!  My favorite.
  • Thanksgiving!  Family!  Food!  People frantically updating their Facebook statuses to talk about their gratitude and try to take home the gold in that contest where everyone competes to see how many times one person can write "So blessed! (:" in one month.  (That is why people do that, right?)
  • Hats and scarves and gloves still haven't lost their appeal in November.
  • Evelyn can wear her pumpkin hat for one more month before I check to see if she's outgrown her Santa hat from last year.
  • It will be cold enough for me to hike without worrying so much about ticks and poison ivy.
  • I know some people don't like to think about Christmas before December 23rd or whatever, but I like to prepare for Christmas.  Set the holiday schedule, start thinking about gifts, maybe find a little Christmas-looking dress for Evelyn, search around for know the drill.  I don't mind starting in November.
  • Classic rock radio stations will probably play Guns'n'Roses' "November Rain" a little more often than usual.  I believe this is a good thing.
  • I could probably find a really cute Halloween costume on sale right now.
  • I can read cold weather books: The Thirteenth Tale, Beowulf, Fundamentals of Knitting, and The Name of the Rose.

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