Tuesday, November 6, 2012

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Happy Election Day!

I've been looking forward to this day for a while, and not just because I'm tired of campaigns.  I like voting.  I like participating in the electoral process.  I like being an American.  I like my country.

I maybe got a little carried away this year.

I wrote a little more about those ugly little guys here.  This would have been a much more twee moment in mommy blogging if Evelyn hadn't cried in fear when she saw the donkey.  Jokes about the Democratic party here.

I wanted to do this to my fingernails, but was afraid it wouldn't look very professional.  So my feet in camo pajama pants on a dusty windowsill it is!

It is completely normal for a person's toes to curl in like this.  Oh, hush.
I even have a lovely picture on my phone of Evelyn wearing an "I Voted" sticker because Cody took her to the polls for the very first time.  I carried her in my belly to vote in the 2010 midterm elections, but this is a much bigger deal because it's a presidential election and she can wear a sticker.

Cody's home because Mom is waiting on Dad's anesthesia to wear off from his shoulder surgery.  He had a burn spur (gross) removed and his rotator cuff looks good!  I know--this day is getting better and better!  He should be resting at home by this afternoon, and in physical therapy by the end of the week.  Awesome!

Cody went to work at 3 AM and made pies and left a note for Spencer, who is graciously covering for him so that he can take care of his child so that I can go to work and earn health insurance without worrying that Mom and Evelyn are bored/stressed in a waiting room.

Yesiree folks, it's a very big day.

I'm going to vote when I go home, and I may take Evelyn with me just so she can experience the wonder and glory of the American democratic process all over again.  And maybe so I can take cute pictures of her and send them to her grandparents.

Also, I don't like Daylight Saving Time.  So I've really enjoyed the last couple of days, especially in the morning.

Here's an adorable picture of Evelyn pretending to early vote last week at the library.

The library closest to our house has a little kid voting booth as well.  It has pictures of the candidates inside, along with some trivia.  She points to their pictures and I tell her their names.  Now that she knows Barack Obama likes pizza and basketball and Mitt Romney goes by his middle name and has 5 sons, she probably thinks we know them.  I should totally have the president's picture in our living room somewhere and just talk about him every so often, just so she'll be familiar with political figures.

You have to start them young.

I hope your day is going really well.  I hope you're enjoying the weather, your line to vote is short, and your rotator cuff is fantastic.

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Laine said...

Your toes are so fancy, I like them!

Why is Evelyn so scared of every yarn animal you make? Poor kid...