Tuesday, November 20, 2012

In the mornings

This is when I love her the most.

She points to the pacifiers she's thrown in the floor.  She points to her name on the wall and I spell out the letters.  She points to her closet or to the vacuum cleaner in the corner.  She pulls her hair away from her face.  When I move to pick her up, she sometimes crouches back down in the bed and giggles.  She points to animals on her little pillow and I tell her what kinds of animals they are.  She holds stuffed animals out to me and I hug them and then she hugs them.  Eventually I pull her out of bed and give her a big hug and she makes little grunting hug noises.  I kiss her face and neck and she giggles.

She is beautiful and happy and fuzzy-haired in the mornings.

This is when I love her the most.

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Mom2Four said...

She's so sweet, warm and snuggly in the morning.
I love hearing about your special routine because she is such a special girl.

Thanks for sharing her.