Thursday, November 15, 2012

Evelyn June is 20 months old

The other day, my mom was telling me about some cute photo she'd seen of a baby resting on a dog's belly.  Both parties were just chilling, and looking adorable.  "Remember when we thought we'd do that with Evelyn?" I laughed.  "Yeah, and then she was born." Dad said. 

There has been no chilling for the past 20 months. 

Even though Evelyn sleeps like a human now, she is still a deranged little creature who will run in circles until she falls down.  Her new favorite word is "GO!" and she uses it for everything.  Her new favorite thing to do is to try to walk her feet up the wall of the bathtub while holding herself up with her hands.  She looks like she's doing those push-ups that are modified to be really hard.

She's strong, she's fast, and she's eating better.  She still has no new teeth, but they'll get here eventually (sooner would be better than later, though.  She doesn't feel that awesome).  She'll sit still for longer periods of time when we read books. Her current favorites, as of last night, are: The Rainbow Fish, I Am a Good Citizen, The Cow Loves Cookies, an issue of Highlights for babies, and Ox-Cart Man.

She spent the night with her grandparents 3 times this month.  She outgrew a pair of shoes.  She was a chicken for Halloween.  I made her a Jayne hat, and she refuses to wear it.  She makes a sound that means "yes."  She uses the "ffffff" sound when we talk about birds (they fly), and flowers, and something else.  Maybe "fast."  She loves sidewalk chalk.  She likes crayons and mostly seems to understand that we only draw on paper with crayons and pens.  Mostly.  She also yells "woo!" any time she hears the word "Razorback."

She cries pretty easily when she's upset these days.  I don't know if she's very sleepy because of the seasonal changes, or if it's her gums bothering her.  She's fairly patient with my confusion. 

She's growing.  She's got to weigh at least 20 pounds now, and I've noticed some of her pants getting a little shorter.  Her hair is almost long enough for pigtails again.  She waves at everyone and whispers 'hi' to them.  She has a beautiful smile, and preferences about clothing, and she gives kisses and hugs (sometimes).

She's the best.  And she's a year and three-quarters old. 

Happy birthday, Evelyn!


Mom2Four said...

She is one amazing child.

Oh, my!! These pictures and these memories...what a girl.

Jen said...

She's my favorite.