Thursday, October 18, 2012

State fair trip, 2012

I took Evelyn to the fair this morning, and we had a pretty good time!  Here's a big pile of pictures.  I promise that Evelyn was at least slightly more enthusiastic about things than she looked.  Not pictured: our lovely mother-daughter caricature portrait, seeing a couple of friends, and the shiny tractors.

Either she has the same reaction to sawdust that I do, or going an hour past naptime was getting to her.  Either way, we went home after this.

Now she's in her bed, and sometimes I hear her talking over the monitor.  I hope she'll take at least a small nap before our evening gets underway, but I'm not counting on it.  It's fine, though.  The state fair only happens once a year.


Laine said...

I love that she wears her sunglasses indoors. Also: weren't you going to enter something this year??

Jen said...

Yes, sunglasses and the most bored expression ever. She's one of those people. And I meant to enter something this year, but never finished anything! Next time, it's happening. I could even enter mittens!