Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sometimes Mommy has adventures, too

I always mean change my layout to link to it, but never do and anyway: I have a tumblr called Our Adventures with Creature.  I upload pictures of Evelyn doing something adventurous or adorable and I typically queue the posts so that one uploads per day so that people can still know what's going on with Evelyn even if I feel like ignoring the Internet in favor of sleeping, working, knitting, or maybe even raising said Creature.

Anyway, I took this picture yesterday

with the intention of posting it to the tumblr with the caption "Mommy has adventures too" and writing out my amazing story, but then I decided I'd just stick it over here.

See my car in the background?  That's right!  A car adventure!

Car adventures are my least-favorite adventures, second only to money adventures but the distinction doesn't really matter because car adventures and money (mis)adventures are usually inextricably linked.

The adventure started in a dark parking lot--thrilling!--when I was alone on a Saturday night.  Exciting!

I had left knitting group, gotten in my car, texted Cody as the other knitters drove away to their homes and cats, and......failed to start the car.  I called Cody, consulted my owner's manual, and then called my dad.  After a brief discussion, he said he was on his way.  Spontaneity!

I waited in a nearby bookstore, where I made great progress on my knitting.  Another pullover sweater for Evelyn, if you're interested.  There's also a really funny reason about why I couldn't use the bathroom, but it's not blog-friendly.  I'm only mentioning this so you know that my adventure contained hijinks and shenanigans.

Dad and Levi showed up, did things I'd already done like try to turn the key in the ignition (just in case I'd forgotten how to do that, I guess), and did things that I hadn't done, like checking fuses and the battery.  Their conclusion was pretty resolute: this car would not start.

The helpful tow truck driver told Dad that it was his experience that starters were usually the first thing to go out on Hondas.

This was a revelation!

No, really.  None of us had ever heard that before.  Had I any inkling that something as important as a starter might go out on my car at barely 85,000 miles I might not have splurged on things like diapers and fresh produce (or, fine, awesome toys for Evelyn) so near the date of my doom.

The nice tow truck man took away the car and Dad and Levi drove me home while lamenting the fact that they would not be able to fix this car situation themselves because they aren't tiny, magical elves.  While they're very handy guys, they're not tiny enough to get into the tiny intricacies of all the mechanical sorcery that is crammed into the very tiny space under a Honda's hood.

I went home to Cody, who had waited up for me, and informed him that my car was about to cost us some very serious money, and then we went to sleep.

The next day, I bought a lot of Halloween candy.  The majority of it is in my desk at work.

We also took Evelyn to her Gram's for a sleepover, so that Cody could take me to work the next morning without waking up Evelyn.

You really shouldn't wake up Evelyn too early.  It's just a really bad idea.

For her part, Evelyn obviously really enjoyed this adventure.

Yesterday, a nice man named Roy--I feel a real connection to him now--called me a few times throughout the day to let me know he was taking care of my car, had diagnosed the problem with my car (I need a new starter, duh), and that--glory be!--they had a starter that could be put on the car that very day for the low, low price of X.

There's no way I'm telling you the number.  It's actually a very reasonable number, especially when you consider that these nice mechanics showed up to work on Monday and there was my car just sitting there without any advance notice.  Throw in the quick turnaround and the fact that magical elves probably aren't cheap to employ or even easy to find, and I probably got a great bargain.

Still, though: money.  Ugh.

(Cody kept saying "I think that's too much money." and I'd reply "I think it's just too much money for us.  I don't know what you'd charge for something like this."  Then he'd reply "It's too much money! I'm standing by that!  Where's the checkbook?")

Cody and Evelyn picked me up from work, I paid the nice people, and then put Evelyn's car seat in my car so she could ride home with  me.  Her dad's car just smells awful, and my music is better.

She was thrilled with this adventure.

Okay, she was a little sleepy and a little unhappy about her ride to the dealership.  But she perked up once I gave her an adventure hat and stuck her sippy cup in a fancy beer cozy.  She really loves cozies.  I think all kids do.  And I promise that she likes her hat.

It's been a truly exhilarating couple of days.  Being stranded!  Stressing about money!  Terms for car parts! Literally dozens of phone calls and texts to a bunch of people.  A completely unrelated but no less important screaming toddler meltdown during a sermon!  Scheduling anxieties!

(My mom already had a plan for today if I didn't have my car back.  That doesn't mean I didn't have scheduling anxiety, though.  Evelyn's not the only one who gets weird about her routines.)

But the adventure had a happy ending with the return of my (typically) dependable car, and we got really lucky with the shop having a starter on hand.  Still, when the night ended with Evelyn carrying washrags everywhere while I folded clothes, and then Cody and me eating chili and watching TV after she'd gone to sleep, I was happy to have a break from all the adventure.

No wonder this girl's eyes look so tired.  This wears a body out.

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