Monday, October 29, 2012

Not my standard wedding weekend post

Our friends Bryan and Christina got married!

There was a Tetris cake and a mashed potato bar and fire-breathing and toasting and cheering and fire-twirling and everyone was attractive and happy.

Naturally, I didn't take a single picture.  The microphone was dead and the best man needed it to give a toast and I had AA batteries, so into the microphone they went!  They're rechargeable, and I'm really glad I remembered to take them home with me.

Also, I didn't actually attend the wedding.

Jessi and I got ourselves lost.  Really, really lost.  Thanks to the directions of a cashier at a gas station, we were able to get back to our hotel and try all over again.  When that didn't work, we broke down and called people because the reception was up and running by this point.  After getting directions from the groom himself, we finally made it there.  Most people were too excited about loading up their mashed potatoes in martini glasses at the mashed potato bar (I think this says a lot about our values, in general) to make fun of us.  There was a lot of visiting and catching up and, really, if I was going to miss someone's wedding I'd want it to be Bryan and Christina's.

I should be clear: I don't want to miss friends' weddings and I didn't want to line up a sitter, pack my bags, make plans, and drive 4 hours just to miss one.  But of all the people I could slight by missing their wedding, Bryan and Christina would probably be the most gracious.  And so they were.

Cody couldn't make it, and Evelyn spent the night with my parents, but the three of us had a good time apart.  Cody took a nap and ate lunch with Casey, and then fixed himself sausage for breakfast the next day.  Evelyn watched football and visited with people at church and came home smelling a little like Mo.  And Jessi and I had a safe trip and a lot of good talks and we stopped at a Braum's on our way home.

Fine, we ate Braum's for breakfast.  It was all we hoped it would be, and all two girls with grandparents from Miami, OK could ever want out of life.

But everyone was happy to be back home.  Jessi had crafting projects to tackle and boxes to unpack (she's moved.  Such a jetsetter).  And Cody and I are usually happiest when we have Evelyn near, scattering her trail of cereal and toys.  Evelyn, to be honest, will probably be bored and disappointed that this week won't include any sleepovers or interstate travels.

But I'm thrilled.  I'm happy for my friends, and ready to wrap up some knitting, and thrilled to drive nowhere new for a little while.

But if anyone needs help navigating a good chunk of Springdale, AR, I'm your man.  I feel like I've seen a lot of it now.

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