Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Just because I do

Just a heads-up: I am also writing at the Leisure Arts blog.  I've been posting over there for about a week and a half, and I held off on saying anything here because I'm oddly embarrassed about things I write.  Which is weird.  Because, duh.  Blog.

But I went to the Leisure Arts building, which is its own exclamation-points-filled post, and no one said "This isn't working out." Yay!  In fact, people had nice things to say about my posts.  All 8 of them!  One of them was just a 'hi, I'm Jen' post!  This was incredibly encouraging and also very unsettling because the last time I handed in writing to receive feedback was in college.  Teachers are rarely in the habit of saying "Yes, keep doing what you're doing!" and have more of a tendency to say "You shouldn't put things off until the last minute, and should definitely use more sources."

Anyway, I would have linked to the blog today even if everyone hadn't been so nice because I just really, really love today's post.  I sincerely had a blast working on it and I'm getting a little less nervous every day about being a craft blogger* because I'm having fun (awesome) and making a little extra money (really awesome) and getting to play with some free stuff (the most awesome dream come true) so that I can write about yarn-related activities (really, undeniably, incontrovertibly, and all-caps AWESOME).

I really love yarn things.  If you've ever read any post I've ever written, you probably know this.  But to have a place where I get to talk about it nonstop is just too much fun.  So if you read this sometimes and think to yourself, "I wish Jen would post fewer pictures of Evelyn and talk more about how much she loves matching up the right yarn weight with the right pattern," then you know where to find me.

*It's fine to laugh at the term "craft blogger."  I do.  My friend Rob just asked if I wanted to write on their blog and it seemed like a good idea, so I said I would.  I'm glad I did.


Mom2Four said...

This was super exciting to me!! I went straight over there to read your post and found out that Laine had beat me to the comment section!!

I didn't have a clue what you were talking about half of the time, but I love receiving the fruits of your labors.

Laine said...

I'm not sure why I hadn't thought of this before, but: I had planned to learn to crochet this year, and haven't gotten started. So! This is perfect! I'm going to follow along with your posts and try to learn! Now, what size hook should I buy? Maybe I need to reread those posts...

Jen said...

Ha, thanks Mom! And yes, Laine, I thought about saying you could learn this way but I thought you'd find it too cheesey. As for a crochet hook, get a 'medium' sized one. Anything sized G-J should be fine for medium weight yarn (check the label).