Friday, October 12, 2012

I ♥ Yarn Day!

Mark your calendars!  Today is the day you can talk about your love of yarn!

I honestly didn't realize there were days when we couldn't talk about it.  How embarrassing.

No matter.  I'm here to talk about yarn because I want to.

I love yarn.  I love the texture and I love the color and I love that there are so many different types and weights and .... and... I love yarn.

I've noticed lately that I like cotton yarns and anything that's bulky weight.  I want to start projects that I can finish within a 'reasonable' space of time.  I've been impatient with my projects lately, so I've either been making things that are very small or I've been using yarn that's very big so that it will knit up quickly.  I like yarn that's easy to care for (i.e., machine washable) because that makes giving handknitted gifts a little easier.  It also makes knitting for Evelyn a little easier.

I even love yarn so much that on Tuesday, I went to The Yarn Mart to attend a yarn tasting.  (Yes, I asked to be on an emailing list so I could get updates about sales and events like yarn tasting.  I'm sure you do things like this, too.)

Get it?

You could squish, squeeze, and even knit different types of yarn and rate yarns that you especially liked or disliked.  All of the yarns were Cascade, and all of the store's Cascade yarns were 20% off.  Glorious.


There were prizes!  I love prizes.

I even won something (I love prizes, but I rarely win them)!

What's in the bag.


And this.

For these!

In case you can't read the label, that's alpaca yarn.  I love alpaca.  It's really soft without snagging on everything.  So. Very. Soft.

I don't know if I'll make the hat, but I might try the mittens.  No really, I might mean it this time!  You are my witness and that's a really pretty pattern.

Also, I bought this yarn and a sweater pattern because I want a simple pullover sweater and for some reason I think I'm just the person to make that sweater happen:

I guess this is the part where I should show you a picture of my stash but I won't because

1. I didn't pull everything out and take a picture because I didn't realize today was, um, today until it hit and
2. I'm a little embarrassed about all the yarn I haven't used.  It's a little gross.

BUT! I have projects and plans.  My beautiful yarn will be put to good use and there will be beautiful projects.  And then I might need to buy more yarn.

Because I love it.

Also: I would be remiss if I didn't tell you that Michael's is having sales on a lot of its yarn today and tomorrow.  I also get emails from Michael's.  It's fine, okay?  Just fine.

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Anonymous said...

I really want to learn how to do yarn things. I am that person who gets the yarn coupons, buys it, and lets the skeins live in shame in my garage because I have no idea what to do with them.