Tuesday, October 9, 2012

How things look around here

This is just a portion of my desk at work.

After swearing up and down and casting dispersion for years (years!), I had to break down and admit that I like amigurumi projects.  This is an owl I made for Evelyn.  She carries him around in a brown bag.

This is actually a picture of Evelyn smiling.  We've stopped using the pacifier quite so much during the day lately, and people keep remarking about how happy she looks.  She's as happy as she always is, but the difference is that you can actually see her happiness when you can see her, you know, face.

Now that she's walking everywhere and exploring everything, Evelyn has outgrown these cute shoes. 

I love my morning glories.

Evelyn likes to kick back in the recliner and read books. 
We like it, too.

She makes this face a lot.  Just click on the picture to make it bigger.  
I thought about posting it yesterday, but worried you'd think I not only let a goat bite her but that I also took a picture instead of comforting a poor, helpless, very expressive child.
None of those things happened (besides, goats only have one row of teeth), and I have no idea why she's making that face.  I just know I enjoy it.

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