Monday, October 15, 2012

Evelyn June is 19 months old?

I don't know what happened.  But Evelyn is another month older and now she's a great big girl.

She's getting better at walking, insists on feeding herself, and seems to be cutting some more teeth.

We started going to a library program for babies and she loves it.  And last week her granddad took her to the zoo, and she really, really loved that.

We've been walking lots of places lately, and she's been babbling and repeating sounds like crazy.  She's been dancing and carrying a purse and enjoying adventures.  She's better at sleeping away from home, and she loves shoes and hats.

We just love her.  It's been really fun to watch her grow and change, and every month is a little more fun.

This post is mostly just a big ol' picture dump because it's hard to describe how she's learning and growing.  She's a different person every few days and it's surreal to see how much she understands and remembers.  She's trying out words and facial expressions and her newest obsession is having a coffee cup that she pretends to drink from.  She's silly and loud, but also focused (sometimes) and good at whispering.  She throws herself on you if she hears the word "hug" or "kiss".  She still likes her pacifier.

She's just the best.

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