Thursday, October 11, 2012

Evelyn is herself.

Today is October 11, 2012.

Which means 3 things:

  1. Today's date is 10.11.12. Cute.
  2. Cody's cousin, Lainey, is 23 years old. Happy birthday, Lainey!
  3. We have known that Evelyn is a girl for 2 years now.

Fact: Lainey is the only girl born into Cody's family ever since...well, since her mother was born.  She was pretty happy to learn that our little baby was going to break her twenty-year streak.  Cody was also pretty happy, kind of as a surprise to himself.  I was happy, too, even though it's strange to be a girl right now.  At least to be a baby girl--the clothes are so frilly, the toys are so pointless, the expectations are just so....stupid.

I should probably offer a disclaimer that I don't care if you dress your daughter in layers of frills and itchy fabrics, or if she only plays with pink and purple toys and reads books about only princesses.  But I should also say that I really don't want to do that myself.

I was a little worried about raising a daughter.  I distinctly remember shouting "We can never raise her Catholic!" on the car ride home from the sonogram.  Actually, I still am nervous.  Gender seems to matter an awful lot when it comes to raising little kids and I'm not sure why.

But Evelyn is always herself.  And she is lovely.  She likes sparkly shoes, shiny jewelry, carrying a purse, roaring like a lion, reading books about dinosaurs and any other kind of animal, dancing, and roughousing.  In short, gender neutral stuff.  She just likes doing things

I'm currently knitting her a little brown sweater because I think it will look pretty on her.  She loves to 'help' her dad cook.  I have an uncomfortable feeling that she's going to be helping her uncle work on cars in the very near future (being a gearhead is expensive!) when she's not shopping (also expensive!) with her aunts.

Anyway, this post doesn't have a point.  I was just thinking about the ultrasound because it's Lainey's birthday.  The date makes it easy to remember the happy day we had two years ago because we found out a little bit more about our baby.  Every day we find out a little bit more about her, and so every day is a little bit more happy.

Evelyn is Evelyn.

Thank God.


Anonymous said...

I love this post. :)

Jen said...

Thanks! I loved writing it.