Monday, October 8, 2012

Baby's first trip to the pumpkin patch!

Yesterday we went to Motley's Pumpkin Patch/Christmas Tree Farm for Evelyn's first trip to see some pumpkins.

We froze!  It rained!  A lot of the plants were very obviously dead because droughts and heat waves are no joke!

We had a complete blast!

We met up with Aunt Jessi and Auntie Brook (and Chris, who is probably Evelyn's friend now), because the three of us intended to take Evelyn on a girl trip last fall and then we never did. But this time around we went and it was tons of fun, especially now that Evelyn is big enough to do things like walk and enjoy swinging on swings.

The swings were obviously the best part.

This is obviously the part where she started screaming/roaring with happiness.

This is how she and her dad enjoyed staying out of the rain.

Motley's lets you pull around a wagon for bigger pumpkins/children and Evelyn wanted to ride in Brook's wagon.  She helped hold some pumpkins, too.

The closest she got all day to posing and smiling for a picture.

By the way, I knitted her hat from this pattern.  I was really excited that she wore it all day.

We did this while Cody hid in the bathroom and Evelyn actively loathed me.  She has little patience for these kinds of shenanigans, and was probably wishing we'd go back to the straw tower so I could fight little kids for a chance to go down the slide and lecture folks about cutting in line.

I'm sure you've noticed there are no pumpkin patch pictures in this post so far.  There won't be any.  I've been before, and they place pre-picked pumpkins among vines of squash and gourd vines and you have lovely photo ops. This time, those vines were dead and the fruit was rotting.  It's been a hard year.  Besides, Evelyn didn't like the idea of walking through vines and so we picked out the pumpkins we liked and moved on to fun stuff. Babies aren't that thrilled with plants anyway, and rows of pumpkins lost their appeal pretty soon.

Especially when there are animals around.

So here are a bunch of petting zoo pictures!
I don't think she understood this was like the pigs she sees in books.

She loved this donkey!

She also thought goats were great.

Then we went on a hayride!  Evelyn was a little irritated I wouldn't let her run around on a trailer as it was being pulled by a tractor, but life can be disappointing like that sometimes.  She did love that tractor, though.

Everyone is fine in this photo.  Just fine.

Brook and Chris, ready to party.

I think Evelyn and Jessi are checking out the tractor some more.  And maybe some trees.
Don't worry, we all used hand sanitizer after petting the animals. 

Then we browsed a gift shop and she rediscovered the magic of Christmas ornaments and seemed really interested in a Satan mask among the Halloween costumes.  Oh.  After we left we discovered it was 38°!  No wonder she kept her hat on like a cute little trooper!  Sheesh.  Poor little popsicle!

It was a fun adventure with friends and I'm calling it a complete success.

I think Evelyn would, too.

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Laine said...

I think y'all (or Mom and Dad) are going to need to get a swing. ASAP.